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What we do

Argon has world class expertise in digital multimedia, video and image processing, coding and imaging – some of the world’s top tech companies come to us for help on their leading-edge programmes. In addition to customer projects we also develop our own products and intellectual property.

Projects have included software and hardware based solutions for dynamic range correction (DRC), complete camera image signal processor chains, the measurement of image and video stream metrics, high performance video codecs and 2D/3D graphics engines. This is an area where our extensive experience in semiconductor IP, chip design, system design and stills/video imaging and pipelines is particularly valuable, enabling us to engineer the efficient implementation of complex algorithms in both hardware and software.

Video processing

Video processing development often involves balancing the conflicting requirements of performance, power consumption and costs. Choosing the right path is made much easier when a top team with the latest technical and market knowledge can tap into a rich store of project experience. Argon Design’s team and the track record make us the partner of choice.

Argon360 real-time video stitchingOur leading position in digital video is exemplified by our R&D programme to develop Argon360 real-time video stitching technology. Building on our project experience and market understanding, Argon360 is an IP core offering unmatched levels of performance allowing the development of a new class of video camera products.

Video codecs

We are recognised as true experts in video compression, working at the leading-edge of the industry to develop the next generation of compression algorithms. We can also implement existing standards to meet specific product requirements – our domain expertise combined with technical skills enable us to create the optimum solution, whether that involves chip design, board-level electronics or software. Our design services assignments have included expert consultancy for video codec algorithm development.

As well as developing codecs and products incorporating video compression, we recognised an important gap in the market and used our specialist knowledge to develop Argon Streams, a tool to provide rigorous formal verification of decoders for VP9 and HEVC. Argon Streams is used by many of the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers and by leading IP companies such as ARM and Imagination.

Image processing

Image quality analysis with machine learningWith PhD level expertise in image processing and mathematics, we can develop new algorithms and create solutions combining standard image processing techniques with innovative new algorithms to create world class image processing systems. We have implemented 3D image processing (SLAM) and an effective combination of image processing and machine learning running on a mobile platform to support e-commerce applications.

Multimedia Platforms

The choice of the platform for multimedia products can be particularly challenging. Continuously advancing technology, performance demands, cost constraints and time to market are just some of the pressures. There is no right answer, but there are many wrong answers. With the benefit of the experience gained from client projects and internal R&D, Argon Design can help keep you on the right track, whether it's a case of choosing an off-the-shelf platform, developing from the ground up, or something in between.

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