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What we do

We work closely with several Silicon vendors to offer cutting-edge design solutions based on market-leading manycore technology.

We have worked with Tilera, using manycore processors with 16 to 100 identical processor cores (tiles) interconnected with Tilera's iMesh™ on chip network. This novel architecture addresses the multi-processor scalability problem by using DDC™ (Dynamic Distributed Cache) technology which provides a fully coherent shared cache system across an arbitrarily sized array of tiles. Tilera’s processors also incorporate the extremely efficient and innovative TileDirect™ system that moves I/O data directly into coherent cache without touching DDR memory. This significantly improves both latency and performance and lowers the load on external memory bandwidth.

Our silicon partner Netronome focuses on network flow processors. These offer up to 216 processing cores and 100 accelerators optimised for packet, flow, security and content processing, and are ideally suited for 10-400 Gbps intelligent line cards, advanced service blades, network appliances and virtualised server adapters.

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