What we do – Electronic design services with Argon Design Ltd.

What we do

We apply our engineering excellence, 'thinking inside the box' to add high impact value to our client's technology, their products and their business. We have been trusted to develop technologies and products for startups, SMEs and Fortune 500/FTSE100 brands.

We adopt a partnership approach with our clients, developing strong relationships and working closely with them in order to maximise results. We have described our specialisms and expertise below to explain the many areas where we can help your business.

  • Imsense image processing

    Multimedia, Image and Video Processing

    Argon has world class expertise in digital multimedia, video and image processing, coding and imaging – some of the world’s top tech companies come to us for help on their ...
  • High performance trading

    High performance trading

    Argon Design is expert in developing high performance financial trading systems, sometimes called High Frequency Trading (HFT) systems.
  • Embedded products

    Embedded products

    Argon Design's engineers have created hundreds of embedded product designs for a wide range of industries such as medical, biotechnology, military, aerospace, retail, computing and mobile, automotive, white goods, industrial ...
  • Electronic engineering

    Electronic engineering

    Our core skills are in electronic design, covering all aspects of digital and analogue circuits, including schematic design, SPICE simulation, FPGA design, IP core design, PCB design and prototyping.
  • FPGA logic

    FPGA logic

    Field Programmable Logic Arrays (FPGAs) are a powerful solution used to implement complex algorithms and functions directly in high performance hardware. They can also act as the glue which interfaces ...
  • Portable products

    Portable products

    Our founders were instrumental in creating one of the first smartphone platforms in 1999. This technology demonstrator for Orange was the first device to combine the functions of a high ...
  • Algorithms and mathematics

    Algorithms and mathematics

    Our software developers have a strong mathematical background, some to PhD level. This gives them an excellent grounding in solving the more complex algorithmic types of problem.
  • Processor architectures

    Processor architectures

    Our team of developers has a strong background in designing custom processor architectures for high volume, low power applications, as both IP cores and full custom ASICs.
  • RTL and semiconductor IP

    RTL and semiconductor IP

    With several members of our team coming from a chip design background, we are experienced in designing complete digital ASICs or digital IP blocks for incorporating in an ASIC or ...
  • User interfaces

    User interfaces

    Our extensive experience in technology research and development tells us that a key component of any product design is optimising the user experience. We spend time getting to grips with ...
  • Software engineering

    Software engineering

    We develop software solutions using assembler, Python, Javascript, C and C++ for a range of embedded processors, PCs, GPUs and several families of multicore and manycore devices. We have particular ...
  • Multi-core and many-core processors

    Multi-core and manycore processors

    We work closely with several Silicon vendors to offer cutting-edge design solutions based on market-leading manycore technology.
  • Network processing and DPI

    Network processing and DPI

    Manycore processing is well suited to network processing tasks, particularly for extracting network intelligence, performing network security, managing wireless infrastructures and in computer vision and digital multimedia.
  • Concept definition

    Concept definition

    Argon Design can provide invaluable business and technology advice to early stage start-ups. We are often asked to help refine the business proposition or to research the technology for innovative ...
  • Product definition

    Product definition

    Think of Argon Design as your virtual R&D team, complementing your in-house developer team and technology specialists with our excellence in design, a strong focus on product development and our ...
  • Business advantage

    Business advantage

    As well as delivering market-leading technology, Argon Design also strives to deliver a competitive advantage to all of our clients. By understanding the business needs and issues of the client, ...