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Argon360 - real time video stitching

360° video is increasingly popular with users at all levels from consumer to film studio. Stitching of video output from multiple sensors is key to creating 360° content. Argon360 offers real-time stitching making it possible to create products producing a single output file which can be instantly viewed or uploaded to applications such as YouTube. With Argon360 it's easy to deliver high quality real-time 360° streaming video with a compact battery powered device.

Read Argon360 web page in Chinese: Argon360 基于硬件的实时视频拼接

Above is a sample video using Argon360 stitching. With some browsers you can drag the video to look around the view in 360°. If this doesn't work for you, then click here to view directly in YouTube

Argon360 offers high quality stitching in real-time, implementing its sophisticated stitching and blending of high resolution video using custom-designed hardware logic in a compact package with low power consumption. Argon Design’s patent pending Argon360 technology is available as an IP core building block for incorporation into an ASIC, offering ultimate performance for volume produced products.

What is Argon360?

  • IP core for ASICs
  • High quality video stitching
  • Real time
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Run-time configurable for number of sensors and resolution

What can you do with Argon360?

Possible applications include:

  • 360° camera products
  • Live streaming or immersive videoconferencing
  • Security cameras
  • Drones

Video stitching in real time

A fundamental design feature of Argon360 is that it operates at video frame rate with very low latency between the incoming video from the sensors and the outgoing stitched video. Products incorporating Argon360 can offer a simplified workflow with stitched panoramic video content in a single file instantly available for viewing or upload to the Cloud. With Argon360 applications such as live 360° streaming are now possible.

High quality

Argon360 uses multiband blending techniques to avoid visual discontinuities whilst still preserving detail across a stitch line. The algorithm also works to adjust for exposure differences between cameras or sensors, delivering a smooth and balanced stitched panoramic video.


Argon360 technology is flexible, allowing run-time configuration so whether you have one sensor or eight, Argon360 will meet your needs. Output resolution can be up to 8192 x 4320 at 30fps.

Key Technical Characteristics

  • Tile based design easily adaptable to different numbers of sensors, camera configurations, input resolution and output resolution
  • Uses a combination of internal memory for caches, line buffers and data tables and external memory for frame buffers
  • Processing performed in a stream fashion wherever possible to minimise memory requirements
  • 8-bit or 10-bit YUV420 input/output
  • Performance is set by external memory bandwidth and silicon area (number of parallel blocks used for key stages)

Argon360 block diagram

The diagram above shows an example of how Argon360 can form part of a camera processing SoC (system on chip). The video from the individual sensors on the left is passed to ISPs (image signal processing blocks). The processed video streams are then stitched into a single output by Argon360, and further processed by other logic on the SoC for viewing, streaming or storage.

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