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  • Argon360 - real time video stitching


    Argon360 is an IP core building block offering sophisticated real time stitching and blending of high resolution video from multiple sensors, using custom-designed hardware logic in a compact package with low power consumption. Argon Design’s patent pending Argon360 technology is designed for incorporation into an ASIC, offering ultimate performance for volume produced products.
  • Argon Streams Image 10

    Argon Streams VP9

    VP9 is an open and royalty-free video compression standard developed by Google. Argon Streams VP9 is a set of test bit-streams for the Google VP9 standard based on formal verification techniques. The Argon Coverage Tool VP9 produces a detailed coverage report.
  • HEVC Logo

    Argon Streams HEVC

    HEVC/H.265 is a new video coding standard evolved from H.264. Argon Streams HEVC is a set of test bit-streams derived from the HEVC specification using a compiler-based technique, allowing you to verify that your decoder will be compatible with HEVC bit-streams. The optional Coverage Tool produces a detailed coverage report.