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See Argon360 at IBC

IBC logo redArgon360 real-time video stitching technology stitches video from multiple cameras or sensors to create a 360-degree panoramic movie. Our Argon360 demonstration system will be running live on the Argon Design stand 8.G14 in IBC Future Zone at the RAI in Amsterdam, 9 - 13 September 2016.

The profile of virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video has been growing rapidly over the last year, with huge backing from Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as many smaller companies. Stitching the video from multiple cameras into a single video stream is a crucial element in the creation of 360-degree immersive video content. For both consumers and professionals stitching adds complexity to the production of 360-degree video content.


Wouldn't it be great if a camera could directly produce high quality stitched panoramic video - products using Argon360 technology can do just that. The hardware based approach means that stitching happens on a chip in the camera. No computer, no software, no complication - it just works. You can view your panorama in real time, or upload direct to YouTube or other video serving websites.


Real-time stitching is essential for live streaming of 360-degree video and a huge advantage in many other circumstances. There are software based solutions that can deliver live streaming of 360-degree content, but they require a powerful PC platform. Wouldn't it be great to produce high quality immersive 360-degree video on a compact battery powered mobile platform - with Argon360 you can. You can stream your 360-degree experience to the world in real time.


Argon360 is designed as an IP building block for an ASIC or for an FPGA implementation. See the system running live on our stand 8.G14 with an interactive Pufferfish spherical display.

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