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  • Blaster news thumbnail
    Posted on 16 Nov 2012

    Telco product - Argon Blaster

    Argon Design releases a new product to deliver industry’s first flow simulator and traffic generator. The product called "Argon Blaster", is a desktop, network and security testing solution that shatters ...
  • Matt at IEF2012
    Posted on 19 Oct 2012

    International Electronics Forum 2012 - Bratislava

    Our Marketing VP recently attended an international semi-conductor conference with "best in class" speakers and global leaders of transformation into next generation technologies at the IEF 2012 Conference, Bratislavia, Slovakia.
  • Argon Design at Cambridge Evening News
    Posted on 12 Oct 2012

    Interview with Cambridge Evening News

    We recently met up with Jenny Chapman of Cambridge Evening News to talk about Argon Design's rapid growth, some of the exciting projects that we're working on, and even pink ...
  • Manycore
    Posted on 11 Sep 2012

    Multi-Core or Many-Core, which is appropriate ?

    Processors were originally developed with only one core, executing one thread at a time. Programmers regularly employ "multithreading" to allow the processor to switch between threads giving the impression that ...
  • Mobile world congress
    Posted on 4 Jan 2012

    Argon Design at Mobile World Congress

    Barcelona, Spain – February, 2012 - Argon Design provide all aspects of high technology product design and development with a focus on broadcast quality multimedia for mobile and tethered ...