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Case studies

  • Metail selfie

    Image quality analysis with machine learning

    Image classification - assigning an image to a category based on its visual content - is a general problem with many applications. Examples include the fields of object recognition, remote sensing, content-based indexing and quality control. Argon Design has been involved in the development of a system designed to enable users to create realistic 3D virtual avatars of themselves based on video from their mobile phone camera.
  • Neul-DK-cutout

    Internet of Things – Low-Power Wide Area Dev Kit

    A Development Kit for a Low Power Wide-Area Networking solution specifically for the Internet of Things.
  • 11Health stoma level measurement

    Medical Solution - Stoma Bag Monitor

    Our client had an idea that would significantly improve the quality of life for users of stoma bags. Argon provided the technical expertise to take the product from prototype to product, developing a compact and efficient electronics module, the embedded software on that module and the Android app.
  • Dialog

    Portable multimedia demonstrator

    PM-OLED graphics display demonstrator system
  • User interfaces

    Product concept visualisation

    Visualising a product concept on an iPad
  • Qosmos Dashboard

    Qosmos Dashboard

    Graphical dashboard for the display of DPI traffic statistics
  • FWA-6510

    Network video demonstration

    Porting of Argon Design's manycore network video demonstration