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Case studies

  • Neural Network

    Neural Networks Investigation

    Tommy is a student at Comberton Village College and he joined us for two weeks of work experience, looking at neural networks. Here is his account of the work he did.
  • Metail selfie

    Image quality analysis with machine learning

    Image classification - assigning an image to a category based on its visual content - is a general problem with many applications. Examples include the fields of object recognition, remote sensing, content-based indexing and quality control. Argon Design has been involved in the development of a system designed to enable users to create realistic 3D virtual avatars of themselves based on video from their mobile phone camera.
  • SLAM: 3D Image Processing

    3D Image Processing

    Argon Design has developed an EKF SLAM system to build a 3D model of a scene and accurately track the position and orientation of a tablet as it is moved around the scene
  • SterioDepth2sml

    Stereo Depth Perception on the Raspberry Pi

    A demonstration of Stereo Depth Perception using VideoCore on the Raspberrry Pi
  • Starleaf reduced

    Multimedia Video Conferencing

    Telepresence Video Conferencing System
  • Imsense image processing

    Image processing

    Hardware implementation of image processing algorithms for application in handheld devices and video.
  • processor architectures 1

    Processor for Internet of Things applications

    Validation of new microprocessor for the 'Internet of Things'
  • Qosmos Dashboard

    Qosmos Dashboard

    Graphical dashboard for the display of DPI traffic statistics
  • FWA-6510

    Network video demonstration

    Porting of Argon Design's manycore network video demonstration