Case study for the Argon Design project for Advantech. – Electronic design services with Argon Design Ltd.

Network video demonstration

Skill sets used

Multimedia, Image and Video Processing, Embedded products, Algorithms and mathematics, Processor architectures, RTL and semiconductor IP, User interfaces, Software engineering, Multi-core and many-core processors, Product definition, Business advantage

The Challenge

As a Premier Member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, Advantech came to Argon Design in late January 2012 to see if we could help them implement a video quality monitor on their latest FWA-6510A, Intel Xeon based processing platform.

It was decided that we would take the Qualmon demonstrator developed as a proof of our ability to integrate video and image processing with the Qosmos ixEngine and port it across to the latest Intel chipset for the demonstration.

The real challenge here was Advantech’s requirement to have the demonstrator completed, running and shipped on two platforms within 10 days of the project starting. The demonstrations were for the Mobile World Congress and the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 2012.

Our Approach

Our priority was to get an FWA-6510A processing system in house as quickly as possible in order to work on the platform being demonstrated at the shows.

We then determined what media had to be streamed through the demo and how this was to be done. We created a closed system for Advantech to use along with full documentation on how to replicate the system in other locations as required.

We ported Argon Design's Qualmon demonstrator (originally developed to run on Tilera's manycore processing system), to run on an Intel Xeon platform using the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit.

Once fully tested, the system was then returned to Advantech for shipment to the conference in Barcelona.

The Outcome

The use of the demonstrator at both Mobile World Congress and the RSA Conference was a success for Advantech and has been used many times since for both customer demo and exhibitions elsewhere.

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