Case study for the Argon Design project for LED lightbulb dimming. – Electronic design services with Argon Design Ltd.

Product concept visualisation

Skill sets used

Multimedia, Image and Video Processing, Portable products, User interfaces, Software engineering, Concept definition, Product definition

The Challenge

The client wanted to evaluate an idea for a new LED management chip for use in household LED lightbulbs. This new chip was to add a dimming function to an LED lightbulb without the need for a dimmer switch. Due to the expense of manufacturing and verification of the technology, the client wanted to validate and demonstrate the proposed functionality to stakeholders using an iPad application.

The application was used to:

  • demonstrate the concept to potential stakeholders and customers
  • test the usability of the proposed system
  • quickly and easily change parameters in order to test new configurations

The application therefore had to incorporate all the functionality the client wanted to test and demonstrate as well as it being easy to use and adjust. Aesthetics were important for marketing and demonstration. The projects timescales were demanding for the application to be demonstrated at an international conference.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the customer to clearly define the functionality needed in the application. Our initial approach involved fast requirements capture and then creating a PC application as a first stage. This allowed us to quickly implement, share and agree various user interface ideas before the final app was coded. The user interface and control algorithms were then converted to an iPad application. Following initial feedback from the client, we made final adjustments before handing over the first version of the app.

We have continued to work with the client following feedback from their demonstrations to manufacturers, stakeholders and board members, adding new features as required.

The Outcome

The client received a well-finished, fully functional app that was demonstrated to stakeholders, board members and potential manufacturers facilitating valuable feedback on their technology and its market potential.

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