Vacancies – Electronic design services with Argon Design Ltd.


Job type
Summer 2019
10 weeks - 12 months

We are offering paid internships, for periods from 10 weeks to 12 months. We do not ask for particular experience, but you should be able to demonstrate an interest in electronic or software engineering, either during your academic career or from your personal interests.

This is an opportunity to join an enthusiastic team of engineers, working with the latest technology, to solve real client problems.

Your internship at Argon Design could include analogue/digital design, FPGA/RTL coding and/or software development. You would be working on real client projects or on developing intellectual property for Argon Design's own products. Our world class team of design engineers will be on hand to guide your work and to ensure that you gain valuable experience during your time with us.

If you have an outstanding academic record, love solving complex problems, and are passionate about technology, we are keen to hear from you. Send your CV, and a covering letter explaining when you will be available, to We will store your personal information securely and will not pass it to any third parties. See our Data use and privacy policy.

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